TDT began its activity on January 1st 1997 and since 2012 is part of GIP, Gruppo Investimenti Portuali S.p.A.

Its strategic position from the logistical point of view, with easy access by road and rail and a maximum annual operational capacity of 900,000 TEU make TDT the reference container terminal in the Port of Livorno.

In addition to being the port serving the markets of central and north-eastern Italy, or the ideal outlet to the sea for a large hinterland consisting mainly by Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Marche and upper Lazio, TDT represents the key point for access to European markets, playing an important role for the American (USA in particular) and West African markets.

In recent years, TDT has also taken on a significant role as a transhipment port for cargoes from the Americas to the East Med and vice versa.

Located in the heart of the industrial port, in the immediate vicinity of the Interporto A. Vespucci and the G. Galilei International Airport of Pisa, TDT is directly connected to motorways (A11, A12) and highways (SGC FI/PI/LI).

In December 2016, the inauguration of the direct connection between the terminal and the Tyrrhenian railway line, the first case in Italy, made it possible to eliminate the passage of goods in the Livorno Calambrone sorting station, thus guaranteeing reduced transit times as well as greater reliability of timetables.

Livorno is the largest italian port for refrigerated cargo and among the main ones for project cargo from the north-east and central Italy areas. The terminal has consequently been equipped with structures and areas dedicated to reefer containers, with 890 outlets (of which 80 in the verification area) and to the operations of various goods, managed by specialised personnel.

In 2020 TDT became the main terminal owned by the GIP group following the transfer of the corporate management of Terminal Contenitori Porto di Genova SECH from the GIP group to the PSA group.


Capacity 900.000 TEUS approx
Terminal area 389.000 mq.
Quay length 1.430 m.
Quay depth 13,00 m.
Terminal area rail 49.500 mq.
Rail Track 1.350 m. (3 x 450 m.)
Terminal area reefer 17.900 mq
Reefer Plugs 890
Terminal area PIF/ Visit/ Weighing Machin 14.350 mq

Lifting equipment:

Quay cranes 6
Reach Stackers 13
Lighting Towers 38

Equipment and procedures conform to the ISPS code (International Ship and Port Security)

Staff: 269 employees


Ship and rail operations
7 days a week, 24 hours a day based on the following workshift

1st workshift 07,30 – 13,30
2nd workshift 13,30 – 19,30
3rd workshift 19,30 – 01,30
4th workshift 01,30 – 07,30


From Monday to Friday from 07.30 to 19.30.
On Saturday from 07.30 to 13.30.
From Monday to Friday for full and empty export containers, the gate time is extended up to 24.00.
On Tuesdays and Thursdays, full containers are allowed to be collected until midnight.

In the following days/shifts all activities are suspended

1° Maggio, ogni turno
25 Dicembre, dalle ore 00,01 termine operatività fino alle ore 01,30 del giorno 26 Dicembre
31 Dicembre, 3° turno (19,30-01,30)
1° Gennaio, IV° turno del giorno 31 Dicembre (dalle ore 01,30 alle ore 07,30)
1° Gennaio, 1° turno (07,30-13,30) + 2° turno (13,30-19-30)
Nei seguenti giorni le attività di Gate (Accettazione/Riconsegna contenitori), Area Visite, General Cargo ed Uffici Amministrativi saranno sospese:
Epifania 06 Gennaio, Pasqua e giorno successivo, 02 Giugno, 15 Agosto, 01 Novembre, 8 Dicembre il Gate sarà chiuso, non sarà possibile accettare/consegnare contenitori.
22 Maggio, Santa Giulia Patrona di Livorno gli uffici amministrativi sono chiusi. Non si effettuano servizi accessori. Area visite chiusa.