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Specifications :

Capacity                                                            900.000 TEUS approx
Terminal area                                                    384.000 mq.
Quay length                                                      1.430 m.
Quay depth                                                       13, m.
Terminal area rail                                              49.500 mq.  
Rail Tracks                                                         3 x 450 m.
Terminal area reeefer                                       17.900 mq  
Reefer Plugs                                                      863
Terminal area PIF/ Visit/ Weighing Machine      14.350 mq 
Area CFS 

Lifting equipment :

Quay cranes         08
RTGs                     14 
Reach Stackers     20
Lighting Towers    38

Equipment and procedures conform to the ISPS code (International Ship and Port Security)

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Modello Organizzazione_rev_1_0 pgSuperUser Account 4/26/2013282.63 KBDownload
Codice_Etico_TDT_rev_1_0SuperUser Account 4/26/2013179.45 KBDownload
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